Welcome to 3 Eleven Artistry! The name for my little operation is inspired by the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:11- God has made everything beautiful in its time and has planted eternity in our hearts (read the whole enchilada on this soon!). The vision for all this was laid upon my heart years ago in the form of a seed. My husband and I had just welcomed our first little into the world. I wanted to work for the benefit of extra money but didn’t want to leave baby dude with someone else in order to get it. So I began to pray. The desperate, slightly crazy kind of prayer. And one day, a tiny seed of passion sprouted from one of my God conversations:

God: “What would you love to do more than anything in the world?”


God: “And what else is burning inside you?”

Me: “The desire to create!”

So from that moment in 2013, I began my round-about journey to author/blogger/crafter/entrepreneur. You can read more about my wild ride in a forthcoming post!

Thanks for stopping by 3 Eleven Artistry! Praying you leave with a bit more encouragement than when you came.

All My Love,



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